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April 6, 2023
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April 6, 2023

Scarpa Rush Trek GTX Walking Boot Review.

This is an independent review of the Scarpa boot, following numerous walks covering more than 150 miles on fells, mountains, scree, peat bogs and fields, with walks from 6 to 24 miles.

This review looks at 7 criteria (watch video for further information):

  1. Construction of the boot:
    1. Upper

Made from Perwanger suede, with reinforcements at the toe and round the heel to offer greater durability.  Which I have found offers good support, with very good wear characteristic.


  1. Liner

The boot has a Gore-Tex liner which works well in pretty much all conditions.  This has only let me down when water has come over the top of the boot.


  1. Sole

The sole has proven to be very durable, and after 150 miles is showing very little signs of wear.


The sole is very responsive to the terrain they have used them in, having good performance characteristics.  This is worked particularly well when ascending and descending, as well as on scree.


  1. Comfort

I mention in the video, that during my early walks I christened them ‘walking slippers’.  They are a very comfortable boot in varying conditions, which we face on the fells and mountains. 


  1. Fit

I bought a slightly oversized boot to ensure a good fit is achieved.  This is a personal preference.  That said, the boot is very roomy, giving the toes room to expand when walking.  I removed the innersole and replaced with sure feet, so it is not possible to pass comment on Scarpa’s innersole.  This was a personal preference.


  1. Waterproofing and breathability.

I have not had any problems with the weatherproofing features.  The feet have stayed dry and have not generated too much heat when walking.


  1. Living with the boot.

I use the boots as my got to footwear for all walks. They clean up well following wet and boggy walks, and have so far shown very little sign of wear.


  1. Overall conclusion.

The boots have performed well to date; the construction and materials/technologies used are performing well.  They are not the cheapest boots on the market, but you are rewarded with well-designed and a technically competent boot. 


The main features which have impressed me at this point are:

1) The fit and comfort of the boot.

2) The soles of the boot, which offer great grip but are not too rigid.


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